Marina Merritt Island

Haul out Rate

$12.00 Per foot When bottom paint is not purchased from Marker 24 Marina (includes out and in)


Discounted Haul Out Rate

$10 Haul out only (No pressure washes or storage)


Environmental Compliance Fee

$50 per day per contractors when working in yard plus lay day charge for boat at $1.25 per foot per day.

$35 Haul out and pressure wash. (up to 25 ft.)

$45 Haul out and pressure was. (up to 50 ft.)


Labor Rates Per Hour

$65 Yard

$100 Mechanical

$75 Technical



Short Haul/Survey Haul Out Rate

$6.75    Per foot for half day in slings


Trailer Load

$6.75 Per foot; plus, an additional fee of $60.00 after 1st half hour.


Trailer Off Load

$6.75 Per foot; pending paint purchase from Marker 24 Marina.  


Pressure Wash

$3 Per foot.


Sand Wash Running Gear

$100 Per hr. (1/2 minimum) 


Lay Days

$18 Per day  

*Includes normal electric usage, extra charge for excessive usage etc. $7 per day additional 


Wet Sand Blast

$100 Per hour (1 hr. minimum) plus sand & clean up

*additional fee of $50/hr after 15 min or $65/hr if extra time (1/2 minimum) 


Scaffold Rental

$20 Per day Scaffold


Prop Puller Rental/Per Day

Small $20 up to 1 1/2” shaft -3 blade

Large $30 up to 2” shaft – 3 to 4 blades


Shaft Puller Rental

$30 Per day


Hurricane Club

Club Fee:  $500.00  Non refundable, to be paid at the time of signing the Hurricane Club Agreement. This fee reserves your spot in the yard or water. Standard yard rates apply, see below.

Haul out Rate:  $12.00 per foot. Includes pressure washing, blocking, and 14 days in the yard.

Wet Slip Storage:   $8.00 per foot. Includes 14 days in the slip.

Ground Tackle Rental:  $50.00 Each boat that is hauled out for the hurricane will be required to rent ratchet straps and ground anchors from Marker 24 Marina.

Additional Storage Days:  $18.00 per day for boats stored on the hard.  $2.00 per foot per day for boats stored in the water.

Additional Boat Prep:  $100.00. May be applied if Marina staff determines additional preparation is needed to secure the topside of your vessel.


*Accounts are due on the first of each month. Account’s not paid by the 15th will be charged a $5.00 late fee.  Draw bridge will not be opened for accounts past due.  All subcontractors must be approved and sign in at the office before working on the premises and will be charged $30 per day while working on vessel. Subcontractors are required to provide a copy of Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage with a minimum of $1,000,000 liability before authorization.